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have you had a bad gun shop experience?  Well, we did too and that is why we are here now.

We regularly have classes available for new gun owners.  We make the process of owning a gun painless and easy.  with the correct GEAR you need, you can be well on your way to learning how to properly use your firearm and maybe even discover yourself a new hobby. We have all the time you need.  We are here to answer general questions, and be as informative on other things.

Part of our foundation is to pass the knowledge on to you, and watch how we can grow together as a safer community.  Newman Arms has everyones good intention in mind, and we stand for safety beyond all other measures.  

We are excited to be involved, and look forward to coming along on your journey to gun ownership. we are here to get you exactly what you need minus the hassle and FRUSTRATION.

Newman Arms was founded on one purpose, and that is to make owning a fire arm an embracing experience.  This all starts with expressing this  directly with our community and audience.  We are here to change the way you shop for a firearm.  We believe in protecting yourself and that with training and proper guidance, knowing how to work a gun can make all the difference in a threatening situation.  It can be the peace of mind that you are unknown to now.

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